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I wanted to update you on what I did for some of the time throughout lockdown.  I spent 2 and a half years working at colleges around London working with people teaching them basic IT skills which I really enjoyed and helped hundreds of people learn basic IT skills.  Giving them the confidence to go onto higher levels to achieve their goals.  Or just to learn how to search for refuse collections, the nearest schools to them and information to get on better in their every day life.

I started at one college during the second lockdown.  So I started to work from home teaching basic IT skills to people who had their own computer devices at home who couldn’t use them.  As you can imagine this was very challenging for not only myself to work out what devices they had and then to try to explain to a non-IT user how to use them, but for the users themselves to learn how to use a computer but first they had to get onto a computer Zoom meeting.

After the initial hick ups, nervousness and general fear of learning again for a lot of the adult learners they all got on well with their learning paths and took up the challenges.  Most passed the first level, and moved onto their next steps.

I wish all my students well in their future.

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