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What to do during lockdown

We are at the end of Week 6 for the schools now on lockdown and week 7 for some firms.  It has been a long stretch, I have three girls and a husband, all at home, all working and studying.  We have played board games, walked together every day, painted portraits and pictures, created some art from our recycling, made clay figures, done some face packs, lots of reading, watching films, we’ve watched our favourite series, built trampoline tents, had BBQ’s etc.

If you, like us, are running out of steam; feeling we need more ideas, here are some to try.  Let me know in the comments what you think, if you have already tried them and what else you have been up to.  Thanks for reading my lockdown blog.

Learning Languages

Perhaps learn a language that you can easily pick up – try Spanish, could come in handy for next year’s holiday.  There are lots of apps on your mobile phone.  Duolingo (Free learn languages App), Babbel – Learn Languages.  Also if you have an Alexa at home all you have to do is ask it “Alexa, start Teach Me Spanish” and many more.  It comes in many languages and not just Spanish.



Learn to CookKids cooking

If you can’t cook then this is a good time to start. There are loads of resources out there for you to use.  Especially now we are in lockdown there are loads of websites offering free online tutorials Here is one example:  Virtual Cooking Lessons

Kids cook Club live on Facebook

Virtual Cooking with Chef Brendon Allen



Organise your wardrobe

It’s a great time to do this as, time is moving slower, you may have been furloughed so have more time on your hands.  There must be a dress that you are keeping, but know deep down you will never wear it again.  The charity shops are currently closed so it makes it harder to donate to the shops, but you could consider giving to your friends and family or using one of the clothing banks or recycle them.



Organise your photos

This is a great time to do this.  Maybe like me you have been meaning to organise your photos, make photobooks, print off some photos for framing but have never got around to it.  There are lots of sites currently offering 50% off photobooks so it’s a great time to do it.  Perhaps you have some photos already printed of your family holiday but have them laying around in a drawer.  Try making a scrap book of your trip, sticking in the photos, writing about what you did and sticking in souvenirs of your family holiday.  All these are currently offering 50%  BonusPrint, PhotoboxSnapfish


Make a bucket list

Whilst being at home take the time to get together with the family to make a list of the things you would like to do in the future.  Or you can make your own one.  Small things, trips out, places you have always wanted to visit.  To the larger trips, perhaps for next summer, places to visit things you would like to do etc.  It will make you have a more positive outlook for the future this will help you feel motivated and feel optimistic.


Update your CV

 If you have been furloughed or working less than normal and perhaps you have been meaning to update your details for a while, now might be the time.  Update your CV and update your LinkedIn profile to start with.  Then you could make yourself available for work, on these apps.  Any potential employers will see your profile and may call you for a chat.   Or just update your CV take time to think about the wording and experience you add to it.


Write a Journal

With this very odd lockdown/ isolation time we can use it to write a journal of our experience.  With a journal you can write whatever you like, draw pictures, doodle, makes list, write down questions and answers.  You can encourage your kids to do this too, it can be very good for your and their mental health.  Get creative and see how it builds. Great journals can be found online at Amazon,  or at discounted prices in the shop at WHSmith.


Paint a picture

I have been painting with my daughters during the time in lockdown.  We have found it very relaxing, sitting outside in the sunshine, taking up the afternoon busily painting and chatting.  We have produced some really lovely pictures, here are some we have done over the last 7 weeks.  Engage with your artistic skills and see what you can too can create.


Get Fit

If you are working from home you may not be moving around quite as much as you did before with no commute, but you may have more time in the day.  You can use this extra time to keep fit, use what you have at home or go for a run, park gyms are closed at the moment.  The bonus is that there are loads of free ‘get-fit’ videos on YouTube or live zoom sessions to join.  Here are just a few to get you started:

Dance Groove Workout

Home Yoga Workout

P.E. with Joe

Studio Physic (free kids ballet classes via Zoom)

Sarah from ColtechUK

COVID-19 and working from home; some tips for the day

  • Get up and get dressed as normal
  • Make a routine, this will really help the kids
  • Take regular breaks, plan in breaks
  • Have a walk once a day with the family if you can
  • I’ve found some free online educational sites, dance sites, exercise sites see below. Enjoy!
  • Some for the grown up ones too.

Stay save everyone.

9:00am – P.E. with Joe – Live everyday

General Fun Stuff:

Studio Physique – Live weekly Ballet lessons

Cosmic Kids – Yoga sessions

Educational Stuff:

The Maths Factor – Carol Voderman

The Typing Club – learn how to touch type

The Verge – The Emergency Library – Free ebooks

Fantastic English – Free lessons every week

Also some things for the grown-ups below. I will try and update as much as I can.

National Theatre – Live every Thursday at 7pm

Friday Night Dinner – 1st May;  8pm – 11pm Facebook